Feature Product--- Cylindrical roller bearing NU318EM


The NU318EM bearing is a type of rolling bearing commonly used in industrial equipment and machinery. Here is an introduction to the parameters of the NU318EM bearing:

1. Bearing Type: NU318EM is a cylindrical roller bearing that features a fixed inner ring, two separable outer rings, and cylindrical rollers.

2. Dimensions: The NU318EM bearing has an inner diameter of 90 millimeters, an outer diameter of 190 millimeters, and a height of 43 millimeters.

3. Bearing Material: NU318EM is typically made of high-quality steel to provide excellent strength and wear resistance.

4. Load Capacity: The NU318EM bearing can withstand large radial loads and is suitable for high-speed and high-load operating conditions.

5. Precision Grade: The NU318EM bearing is usually available in precision grades of P0 or P6 to meet different application requirements.

6. Internal Design: The internal design of the NU318EM bearing is optimized to ensure smooth rolling and even load distribution.

7. Sealing and Lubrication: The NU318EM bearing is often equipped with a sealing structure to prevent contaminants from entering the bearing and to provide good lubrication conditions.